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2.20.2012 ::: MALONE AGAIN

We're back! Join us for a glorious lost weekend of Malonedom at the True False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri. Details are still coming in, but the following appearances seem to be set:

Friday March 2nd at Ye Olde Cafe Berlin. We'll play before the Toughcats and Brooklyn's Pearl & the Beard.

Saturday March 3rd — Three afternoon pre-movie sets at the Picturehouse (Missouri United Methodist Church). Schedule here.

To mark the occasion, we've added 11 unreleased songs to the Music page under the heading, "Extras". These are songs we recorded, played live or just never got around to releasing. Some are surprisingly great. We've also made it easier to download those songs, and we hope you will.


First the good news: on May 1st, we recorded an episode of Notes From the Underground for CAT TV — Columbia's cable access channel. That's it right above where you're reading. We think it turned out pretty well.

The bad: Malone is breaking up at the end of the month.

We just broke your heart a little, didn't we. It's okay. Take a minute if you need to.


But here's the thing — all bands end. It's just the way the world works. Imagine the best relationship you've ever been in, romantic or otherwise. It takes work, right? It takes a kind of chemistry and mutual understanding that is very hard to find in another person. And it takes a shared committment to living in the same place and indulging one another's ambitions come what may. Now imagine trying to maintain that perfect thing with three other people at once. It's not easy!

The reality is this: Chris is moving to New York for the summer to pursue an internship at a flagship American newspaper, and David is moving to Madison, Wisconsin to start graduate school in the fall so he can be a scientist. Sting was right: if you love someone, you've got to set them free.

We do have a bit of unfinished business to attend to before we all turn to dust and scatter in the wind. We've got one last EP to put out, called The Tropic of Malone. And we've got a couple of shows to put on before we leave. Our last show will be at The Blue Note on Saturday, May 28 with The Foundry Field Recordings and The Leafy Greens. There's some talk of a house party the next night, but you should probably just ask us about that when you see us. There will probably be an acoustic show at Sparky's before then as well. We're working out the details.

Most importantly, we want you to know how sincerely we've enjoyed being Malone. We never signed a record contract, we never got in a van and toured, and we won't be collecting any royalty checks. (Thought it's not too late — Wildman might make a good opening credit sequence on the next David Milch HBO drama). But we were a pretty great local rock band, if we do say so ourselves. And we can't express enough how much we appreciate you for coming to our shows, knowing our songs, buying our stuff, and giving us a shoulder to rock on.

It's been very fun.


New EP! It's called Psychic Starts. That's the cover there, on fire. We liked it so much we thought we'd redesign the website around it.

We're hoping to have an actual release show in the next few weeks. As is the Malone way, we've got a fresh batch of hand screen printed copies to sell. We're also streaming the songs on the site.

We've posted a link in the past to the mp3 files for all of the songs. It's always just been buried somewhere in the news section of the site. (Does anybody even read this thing? Hello?) Anyway, we've decided to make it a little more obvious. So now there is a link from the Music page to download all of the mp3 files directly.

All we ask is that you listen to our songs and enjoy them. We spent a lot of time writing and recording them and we're very proud.

A couple of shows coming up, including the True/False Film Festival. We played several acoustic sets before films last year and they were some of our favorite performances. There will probably also be a showcase type show in there somewhere. We'll post the date and location when we get the details.


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